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Here at Beds ‘N’ Rooms we believe that every order is important, no matter how big or small. We work with you to make sure that with every piece you get, you will not only be excited about it a month after you get it, but 10 years down the road. From the perfect custom sofas to the best bed that fits your way of sleeping, we work hard to ensure you love what you buy! Do you have something in mind, but can’t find it anywhere? Let us help you! We have dozens of catalogs, hundreds of fabrics, and custom warehouses that help us find what you need! Don’t be a victim of someone else’s taste! Have you gotten an unreasonable quote from someone else (or even a reasonable one?) Let us see if we can beat it, you have nothing to lose, but money to save!

With Beds ‘N’ Rooms I was able to furnish my entire house for about a months rent. I was really surprised by the quality of all the furniture. I would recommend them to anyone looking for great stuff.

Paul Samella

General Contractor

I was in the market for a mattress and Beds ‘N’ Rooms had exactly what I was looking for, better yet the item was in stock and they delivered it the next day!

Steve Chan

Distribution Manager

I live deep in Ojai and was worried that I couldn’t get delivery of my Sectional Sofa to my remote location. I was relieved to learn that it was no problem. Beds ‘N’ Rooms sent two gentleman to handle my delivery and took care of all of my concerns.

John Forsythe